Thursday, February 24, 2011

A few more pictures...

A grain threshing operation outside of Sendafa, Ethiopia
I thought you all might enjoy a few more pictures of the countryside around Sendafa. This country is so incredibly beautiful!

A small family farm.

A back road between Sendafa and Addis Ababa.
This is the road they used before the Government built the highway.

Mother and daughter go to do the family wash at the river.

Headed to the market.

Also headed to the market. This is a common sight here.

The library in Sendafa. Check out the mountain rim in the distance.

New houses being constructed on the outskirts of town.


This is a view from atop the water tank we were working on.


  1. Hellow Mr Martin,
    I came by your account in a roundabout way.. by posting a similar comment to Ethiopia Dan. My wife and I adopted two boys, Abera and Wakeiyo Tadu whom I believe were born in Sendafa. Their birthdates are 15Sep2004 and 24May2003 respectively. Their father is in Sheno prison I think, Tadu Bursa. We were never aware of any other family (mother Biritu is deceased). I write to ask if you've come across any family of Tadu or Biritu. I'm having a difficult time believing that the parents had no siblings in the area. A long shot I know but if you know any elders of the community perhaps they are aware of family of these boys. Tadu is in prison for the death of the mother. I don't know the details other than that and a policeman brought them to Kidane Mehret orphanage in Addis sometime around Oct 2006. They were there for a bit over a year until they came home with us in April 2008.

    thanks for any info,
    Robert Hettinga (

  2. Good to hear from you Robert. I am so happy to hear that you adopted two boys from our village! That is wonderful. The names that you mentioned do not sound familiar, but I am meeting with several Sendafa "Veterans" (who have been to the village many times) this Sunday and I can ask around for you. As you probably know, Ethiopian names can be tricky since there is no family name. A child's last name is the first name of their father usually. I will let you know if I come up with anything. Meanwhile, please stay in touch, I would love for you to guest write for this blog about your family and share pictures of the boys. I will e-mail you soon. God bless you!

  3. Mr Martin,
    I just emailed 4 pics of the boys. Thanks for any help. I wanted to add that the doc we got here introducing us to the boys was signed by Eyerusalem Tesfay.

    kent hettinga